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SopCast Download Free Torrent

SopCast Download Free Torrent


Seeds: 34 Peers: 43 Health

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SopCast is a program that allows you to watch free online TV channels and broadcast your own. It uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, so you do not need large bandwidth or servers.

The nice thing about P2P streaming is that anyone can transfer everything they have, how does it make an incredibly democratic environment. Two programs mentioned above – big prykladytehnolohiyi in action, but SopCast (so called ‘because SoP’ is an acronym for ‘streaming on P2P’),probably better, because it allows you to easily transfer their own channels.

(Function {) {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Easy to install

In the last issue SopCast has practically no sharp changes in the interface, so it’s very good to use it. After installation, you will be prompted to install the search bar, which you can remove by clicking the check box. When you start SopCast, you can log in anonymously or, if you have your owncreate your own channel, create your own account via the link below. When you log in to SopCast, click the Live Channel tab to display the channel lists. The first thing you notice is the number of channels to choose from. There is absolutely everything in the hidden Chinese channels for the main offerings, such as Channel Discovery (although again many programs or Chinese subtitles are re-invoked). Some SopCast channels, like newsand sports are organized, but these categories can be unbelievable. You just can not speak less.

Outdoor TV screen

The SopCast channel window appears on the player page, but you can expand it on the screen or export it with the viewports in Windows Media Player. It really separates SopCast from other current TV programs P2P If you want to use a different media player (for example, a VLC player), you can do so by clicking the buttonClick Options under the main interface.

Send your own programs

Although it’s Sopcast, that’s the hardest part of, so many of its channels seem to be dirty. A mess, though you can send your own channel here. Once your program has been filmed, edited and uploaded to the PC, all you have to do – is to flow through SopCast and choose a server address where people can connect and watch

Quality depends on the user

The qualityThe transmission of SopCast largely depends on the number of people connected to it (more users, the faster streaming video). You can also create your own private channel and decide which users can view it by creating a network. A group that lets you start your own TV channel on SopCast.


SopCast may seem difficult to the first user, but despite the dominance of the Chinese channel, it offers a new television worldLook at. In addition, you have the opportunity to start your own channel!

Fixes the crash error of the MySop client.

Fixed a bug where the feeds were not a single photo of an old PCChangesFix SaMySop bug, a client crash.

Fixed bug without photos on some older computers


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